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Cordless Shaver Blade & Foil Replacement Kit – Matte Gold


Durable & Resistant Foil


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  • Blade & Foil Replacement Kit for Professional Cordless Shaver (PSV01)
  • Durable and resistant Diamond Like Carbon Black Titanium-Coated Foil

* It is highly recommended to always replace the foil when replacing the cutters.

1. Remove the foil: Press the release button on the side of the shaver and lift the foil cover to remove it.

2. Remove the old blades: Hold both ends of blades and pull up until the blades are fully detached from the shaver.

3. Insert the new blades: Line up the blade's metal shaft with the small notch on the shaver's drive. Press down on it until the metal shaft stays locked in the notch.

4. Insert the new foil: Push the foil cover onto the shaver until it locks into place.

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