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imPRESS Color Nails – Clean Cuff


The No Glue Mani

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KISS imPRESS No Glue Mani Press-On Manicure offers hassle-free, professional-looking nails with diverse options, fitting any size, promoting easy application and removal, perfect for quick transformations, providing salon-quality results at home.

  • Durable and waterproof, these nails stay put for days, providing a long-lasting manicure without damaging natural nails.
  • Comes with 30 nails in varied sizes, a prep pad, mini file, and manicure stick for an impeccable application and finish.
  • Get salon-quality, glossy black nails in minutes with imPRESS No Glue Mani Press-Ons, no polish or drying time needed.
  • Skip the salon with these ready-to-wear nails, offering a flawless look without the wait or mess.
  • Enjoy a natural and comfortable fit with advanced technology that feels like your own nails.

1. Clean nails with an alcohol pad (Don’t skip this step!)
2. Peel off the clear tab
3. Align the tab side of the nail with cuticles
4. Press firmly at the middle & sides of the nail

Tip #1: Always align tab side with cuticles and apply thumbnails last
Tip #2: If in between sizes, use the smaller size
Tip #3: If there is exposed adhesive under the nail, seal with clear nail polish
Tip #4: Nails can be gently filed to the desired length and shape 1 hour after application

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