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Silky Touch Vent Brush


Blow Dry Friendly, Heat Resistant Bristle


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  • Naturally care for all hair types
  • Rubberized finish for comfortable grip
  • Larger cushion with bonus parting tail

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    Go to my TT/IG for the video of the process (@ashleytou). I have used this brush on two occasions. Once to style a curly wig and another time to blow dry my natural hair. The @redbykiss Silky Touch Vent brush is wonderful! I was expecting it to get hot or melt while I used it with heat on my hair and it stayed strong. I'm used to losing like 3 bristles every time I brush and blow dry at the same time. This brush also has a built in ventilation svstem for water trapped in. My worries about brush cleanliness have gone away and now I can use my brush on a wet style, pat dry, and use again in seconds. This will cut down on my styling time and I definitely recommend it for stylists that have multiple clients and little time!