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So Wispy Lash Collection


10 Pairs of Best Wispy Styles


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Every wispy lash style is in one box ! (total 10 styles)

iENVY’s by far the top-selling wispy lash styles because of their invisible band, natural look, natural fluffiness and unique design.

  • Limited Edition – Variety pack of 10 pairs
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Natural wispy to voluminous wispy
  • Easy to apply
  • Reusable
  • Great for a gift
  1. Check fit: align strip lash band with natural lash line to check fit.
  2. Apply adhesive: apply a thin line of iENVY lash adhesive along band and wait about 30 seconds to set.
  3. Apply lashes: secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.

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    1. blas****

      Title : Blas nunez

      Age Group : 31 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0

      This lashes are amazing so worth ur money and they last a long time u can rewear them too

    2. Yaa|****

      Title : They're so cuteee

      Age Group : 21-30

      Recommend? : YES

      HELPFUL? +0
      Video #1 from Yaa|Safowaa

      These lashes are so naturally pretty and soft! They're the perfect everyday lash especially if you are a fan of a natural lash vs something that clearly looks like lash extensions

    3. Gild****

      Title : They're so soft and pretty

      Age Group : 21-30

      Recommend? : YES

      HELPFUL? +0
      Video #1 from Gilda

      If you have tiny lashes like me, you'll love these! The wispy collection is so naturally pretty and so soft

    4. Desi****
      HELPFUL? +0
      Image #1 from Desiree Jeanmichel
      Video #1 from Desiree Jeanmichel

      These Lashes are amazing! So easy to apply! Comfortable! It really elevates any makeup look, even everyday makeup.