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Stainless Steel Hair Shaper with Guides


Japanese Blades


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  • Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, designed for long-lasting durability and rust resistance
  • Premium Japanese blade offers outstanding cutting power and precision
  • Integrated guide helps users accurately control the depth and angle of cuts
  • Ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip
  • Suitable for both professionals and general consumers
  • Includes free 2 guides and 1 blade

1. Please take out all the parts from package.

2. Open the shaper handle to place the blade into blade knob.

3. Gently and carefully place the blade into the knob hole and push it down toward handle bottom.

* Tip: When you need to force the tip of blade, please use the guide to push it down. Don’t use your fingers.

4. Then, slide down the shaper guide gently. Now, it is all set for use.

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