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Tea Tree Invisible Spot Patch Variety Pack


3 Different Sizes Available


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  • Long lasting & even more invisible on skin
  • The innovative "LIFT ME" tab helps with easy and clean application
  • Pre-cut and easy-to-apply patches provide immediate relief
  • Helps calm blemishes and extract impurities
  • Wear it during the day under makeup or at night for continuous treatment
  • Includes 26 patches

Made in Korea

Large: 60 X 25 mm

Invisible cover: 12 mm

Regular: 10 mm

1. Clean and dry the affected area.

2. Detach the patch from the sheet by gently lifting the "LIFT ME" tab.

3. Holding the tab, place the patch on the affected area.

4. With the patch still applied, gently remove "LIFT ME" tab.

5. Pree the patch for 3 seconds for better adhesion.

6. Leave the patch on or minimum 6 hours for the best result.

7. Remove or replace the patch after it turns white.

Suitable for all skin types

Contains tea tree oil & extract and cica

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      Image #1 from Señorita Babilonia
      Image #2 from Señorita Babilonia
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      Image #4 from Señorita Babilonia

      This new kids spot patch are amazing, honestly are so easy to put on, it helps me a lot so I don’t have to be shy to have a pimple anymore I just put my spot patch and it’s amazing #summermakeup #summertrends #fashion #summercare #ambassadorSeñoritaBabilonua #review

    2. LARA****
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      Image #1 from LARA MUNOZ
      Image #2 from LARA MUNOZ

      I love this type of products, I always have it at home. This patches helps a lot with acne and pimples, I use them at night usually. You can really see how the pimples dissolve, it's like magic. #review #ivybeautyzen