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Lace Melt Spray – Extreme Hold


Protect Edge & Scalp


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  • Experience the ultimate in lace melting perfection with Red by Kissยฎ Styler Fixer Lace Melt Spray
  • This remarkable product offers an unbeatable combination of super secure hold and flawlessly melted lace
  • Powered by a specially formulated blend of Biotin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Hydrolized Silk Protein, Rosemary Mint, and Teatree extract, it not only ensures a secure hold but also protects your scalp and edges
  • With its quick-drying formula, it leaves no flakes, maintains a non-sticky texture, and delivers a refreshing minty finish

8.5 US fl.oz. (251 mL)

1. Get ready for a flawless finish. Spray Red by Kissยฎย Styler Fixer Lace Melt Spray near your hairline and effortlessly blend it with your finger to prevent any formula drips.

2. Apply your lace and allow it to dry. You can choose to air dry or use cool air for added convenience.

3. Transform your lace into an undetectable masterpiece. Spray a light mist over the lace, then blend it with your finger. Watch as your lace seamlessly blends in.

4. For optimal results, repeat the process as desired. Just remember to wait until it's completely dry to avoid any flakes or ashiness. Say goodbye to white residue and crunchiness.

5. Avoid over-spraying to maintain a natural look and avoid any unwanted texture.

6. Achieve the perfect finish with the Red by Kiss Perfect Melt Lace Band. Tie it down for an impeccable hold and flawless appearance.

7. Want a matte, natural skin look? Simply buff the lace with translucent or your skin tone loose powder for an effortlessly stunning result.

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