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Natural Brow Stencil Set


Pair with Your Favorite Brow Product


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Fast & Easy, No Skill Required

  • Stencils are in pairs, no need to use one for both brows!
  • Available in 2 types

Stencil Set Includes

  • 5 pairs of different brow styles
  1. Choose a stencil pair of your choice.
  2. Place the stencil the best you can over your brow.
  3. Apply the brow product of your choice with the stencil held in place.
  4. Tada! A perfectly filled-in brow.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other brow with a matching pair.

Cleaning: Wipe with dry or wet cloth.

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  1. Nico****
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    Image #1 from Nicole Miller
    Image #2 from Nicole Miller

    My Eyebrows have become a daily part of my makeup routine! And my routine is very simple! But eyebrows have been big for me. I often struggle to make both brows as close as possible now! I just can’t get the right shape and it has become more & more annoying to me. But this product CHANGED THE GAME! I can get both brows to look close to perfect and add how light or how dark I want them to be. I’m so mad I didn’t know about this product before!!! The natural brow stencil set Helped me so much thanks Kiss Ny! #KissNYPros #review

  2. Tiff****

    Title : Female

    Age Group : 41-49

    Recommend? : YES

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    Image #1 from Tiffany

    I love these Eye stencils. It makes doing your brows so much easier and they come out looking professional done. Definitely worth the hype.

  3. Bell****
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    Video #1 from Bell-Marion
    Video #2 from Bell-Marion

    My first time to use this and I was chocked I recommend it % #kissNYPros #Review

  4. Deys****

    Title : Easy eyebrows

    Age Group : 21-30

    Recommend? : YES

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    Image #1 from Deyshara

    This product makes doing my eyebrows so much faster!!

  5. Tami****
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    Let's face it, weird stuff happens to your brows after a certain age…and to complicate things, ya can't see "squat"!! These stencils are super soft pliable plastic, and provide multiple brow shapes/styles. Just a simple, quick and easy swipe of brow product and BAM! Brows are even and shaped, on point!! Saves loads of time too.