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Silky Satin Wrap Scarf 60″X19″


Eye-Catching Pattern / Add Some Fancy


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Create your signature look with our exclusive pattern scarf!

  • Premium soft silky wrap scarf
  • Longer in size (60" X 19")
  • Machine washable

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  1. Sher****
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  2. ashl****

    Title : Silky Smooth

    Age Group : 21 - 30

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    The Red by Kiss ~ Silky Satin Wrap Scarf in the pattern Tropical, provides extra security for your hair style while you sleep. Not only that, but it's stylish enough to wear out during the day. The packaging even provides inspiration of multiple styles to wear, like: the top knot, low roll, chic pirate, turban and the hair bow. I especially appreciate the fact that it is made of quality, durable, washable materials – it was made to last! Therefore it is an excellent value. I totally recommend and would purchase again.

  3. Navi****

    Title : So many options

    Age Group : 21 - 30

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    This silky satin wrap scarf is amazing. It measures 60 x 19 and has enough length for any size head. I have even used this on my daughter (9yr old). Has a picture on back to show you 5 different ways to wear but you can make your own ideas and do so many more. Not to mention you can also wear as an accessory… like a scarf or on your purse. These are amazing and available with so many print options. I also find this to be great with my kids when I put heatless curlers in their hair over night, it allows them to have the curlers out if the face for a better sleep.

  4. Non-****
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  5. Kinz****

    Title : Doesn't feel like silk, rough texture

    Age Group : - 20

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    The product is called a silky satin scarf but it is far from silky. The fabric has a rough texture and isn't soft and silky like I had hoped it would be. The rough texture creates a small amount of friction when against my hair so I had to discontinue use.