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Press & Go All-Nighter


Extend the Longevity Up to 10 Days


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  • Ensure your Press & Go Press-On Clusters last longer with our specialized formula
  • Our mascara-type applicator ensures an even and effortless application every time
  • Experience up to 10 days of solid wear with our long-lasting formula
  • Maximize your investment with a formula designed for multiple applications from just one bottle

1. After applying Press & Go Press-On Clusters, apply a thin coat of All-Nighter under the root of the clusters for long-lasting effect (up to 10 days).

2. Re-apply 2-3 additional coats for maximized longevity.



1. Take a cotton pad and saturate with make-up remover.

2. Place over eyes; hold for 10 seconds and gently wipe away to remove press-on clusters and All-Nighter.

* Tip: Repeat as necessary until there are no more residues left.

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    1. step****

      Title : s***

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      Press & Go All-Nighter is a holy grail. This is one of the best formulas. This is super easy to apply and it has a mascara wand that makes it easy as well to apply. Definitely one of the best.

    2. khar****

      Title : Best Lash Glue EVER!!

      Age Group : 21 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

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      Image #1 from kharrison0115

      My absolute favorite glue, this has made applying my lashes so much easier and quicker. There’s no messy and excessive stickiness. I’ve been using this glue for a few months and I’ll never turn back.. gives long lasting results and the product has lasted me a while. Definitely worth the try for all those DIY eyelashes lovers.

    3. mrsa****

      Title : Works!

      Age Group : 41 ~ 49

      Recommend? : Yes

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      #review #ivybeauty
      “The Eyelash Press & Go All Nighter is an absolute lifesaver! I’ve tried countless methods for applying lashes, but nothing compares to this genius tool. It’s incredibly user-friendly, allowing for quick and precise application in seconds. Plus, the lashes stay put all night long, no matter how much dancing or sweating occurs. The quality is exceptional, and the results are flawless every time. Say goodbye to messy glue and hello to effortless, long-lasting lashes. This is a must-have for anyone who loves a glam look without the hassle!”

    4. 7553****

      Title : Best Glue Ever!

      Age Group : 31 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0
      Image #1 from 755375658@g

      You must have this glue if you want your Press N Go eyelashes to last. The adhesive will ensure your Press N Go lashes last at least ten days. This glue is fantastic and will seal your lashes to last hold. I love the Press N Go lashes, and these will stay in my beauty routine regime from now on, and you should, too. Be a Diva on a budget with the Press N Go eyelashes and glue and get the look that is so popular for less than $10. Once you try these, you will love them and thank me later.

    5. Rics****
      HELPFUL? +0
      Image #1 from Ricshuna
      Image #2 from Ricshuna
      Image #3 from Ricshuna

      I love this new glue it's not to strong and not harsh . It works really good with press N go lashes. I hope they make one for strip lashes because I love it#ienvylashqueens #reviews #redbykisscrew