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Press & Go Press On Cluster Lashes


Press On Self Adhesive _ Special Day


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"I love using i-ENVY lashes for bold glam, that’s my go-to! My faves are the VLUXE Imperial Mink lashes, and Press & Go lashes! "


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14 Beauty Trends We’re Leaving Behind in 2024 (And What to Try Instead)

“In 2024, we’re trying wispy angel lashes. They offer a fine, feathery look that makes your eyes pop, while still looking natural.” 


1 Step Press-On Method: Effortlessly achieve stunning cluster lashes by placing beneath your natural lash and using the applicator to gently press them together for easy, seamless application.

  • Enjoy up to 24 hours of hold with our mess-free, SELF-STICK formula
  • Our press-underneath method eliminates wait times. No drying needed!
  • Experience 100% satisfaction with every comfortable wear
  • No glue, no residue. Keep your natural lashes pristine and damage-free
  • Choose from 10 unique styles, each offering a range of lengths to tailor to your desired appearance

1. Pluck a cluster from the tray.

2. Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes.

3. Squeeze clusters and natural lashes together with the applicator.

* Avoid touching the band area when applying



With your fingers, gently lift off the clusters starting with the band side.

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  1. mili****

    Title : I loved

    Age Group : 41 ~ 49

    Recommend? : Yes

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    Image #1 from milimakeup.accesorios
    Image #2 from milimakeup.accesorios

    I loved these eyelashes that were super easy to apply. They definitely make our lives easier, and it is not necessary to apply the glue. I put them on without any discomfort.I used them all day without any difficulty.

  2. marb****

    Title : Super natural curvy eyelashes

    Age Group : 21 ~ 30

    Recommend? : Yes

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    Image #1 from marbellasgm34557@g
    Image #2 from marbellasgm34557@g
    Image #3 from marbellasgm34557@g

    These eyelashes Press & go special day Curly, look more natural than those that are strip and go above the eyelid, these especially go below your natural eyelashes, they contain a glue that is enough to press for a few seconds and they will be placed, you can use the tweezers that the package has included to place them, for me it was a little difficult at first to accommodate my hand to place them and that it would not make me uncomfortable in the eye, but after trying several times it becomes easier, i use the 12 mm and 14 mm, in the end they were very well placed and I felt a lot of comfort, they looked natural and as if they were not fake, that’s what I liked a lot, in my photos you can observe a before and after a few hours , i put them on at 8 in the morning and at about 6 in the afternoon they were starting to take off a little, but I have to say that I was in an outdoor place and the wind was strong. So I recommend them because they didn’t fall out of my eye completely.

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  3. byde****

    Title : Eyelashes in seconds

    Age Group : 31 ~ 30

    Recommend? : Yes

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    Image #1 from bydesimua31339@g
    Image #2 from bydesimua31339@g

    These eyelashes came to empower us even more, they are extremely spectacular, durable and we don’t need glue that is super easy to apply. They are geniuses, I love them.

  4. step****

    Title : s***

    Recommend? : Yes

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    Press & Go Press On Cluster Lashes

    These lashes are so stunning. The best clusters found. The Press & Go Press On Cluster Lashes go perfect with any glam. Can’t wait to order more.


  5. 1342****

    Title : Love these a must try

    Age Group : 41 ~ 49

    Recommend? : Yes

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    Image #1 from 1342944502@g

    These have become my go to lashes. I am absolutely obsessed with them. these go on so easily they stay on all day. I don’t have to worry about a whole strip of lashes coming off. These are amazing amazing. I am so excited. They came out with these and everybody should try them. They’re so easy to apply.