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Press & Go Applicator


Premium Non-Stick Coating Technology


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  • Refined angled tip provides flawless results effortlessly, every single time
  • Perfect multifunctional design ideal for various tasks, especially press-on applications
  • Instantly elevate your application: fast, efficient, and gets the job done right
  • Ergonomic grip ensuring hours of use without straining your hand
  • Long-lasting material promising exceptional performance and lasting durability

1. Pluck a cluster from the tray.

2. Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes.

3. Squeeze clusters and natural lashes together with the applicator.

* Avoid touching the band area when applying



With your fingers, gently lift off the clusters starting with the band side.

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    1. foki****

      Title : Grab it! It’s a necessity

      Age Group : 31 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0

      I absolutely love this press and go applicator! It made the process of applying the press and go lashes so easy for me as a beginner. The process was literally flawless. It’s super easy to use and an absolute staple to have as a woman using lashes. I highly recommend this product to anyone! #beautizen #beautycommunity #beautizencommunity #review

    2. tpor****

      Title : Flawless application

      Age Group : 31 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0
      Video #1 from tporphy952
      Video #2 from tporphy952

      The iEnvy Press & Go Applicator makes applying lashes super easy. It helps to give you flawless and precise application every time. I would highly recommend this applicator for beginners and pros alike. Such an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anybody.
      #Beautizencommunity #review

    3. hvan****

      Title : Best lash tool

      Age Group : 41 ~ 49

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0
      Image #1 from hvandijk
      Image #2 from hvandijk

      This is such a wonderful applicator. It has a nice comfortable grip and the non stick material makes it so easy to apply the lashes. It is durable and it is my favorite tool!

    4. kris****

      Title : Game changing applicator

      Age Group : 31 ~ 30

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0

      This lash applicator is a game changer with the nonstick material it is made out of. It is so easy to apply your lashes when you don’t have to worry about them sticking to anything or a huge mess with glue. This applicator gave me the confidence to try putting lashes on and I am so glad that I did!!

    5. step****

      Title : s***

      Recommend? : Yes

      HELPFUL? +0

      Press & Go Applicator is the best applicator that I have found. This applicator is super easy to use and can easily help apply lashes and clusters.